Sunday, 20 March 2016

And so the adventure begins...

It was my 26th birthday on Thursday (17th March) and my darling fiancé and parents clubbed together and completely spoilt me with a Canon EOS 70D. I've been wanting to start a blog for years, coming up with every excuse in the book to why I haven't yet done so (I was just trying to find the balls). I guess we all have to start somewhere?

I have had a few days off work for my birthday, so I've used my time wisely to get a blog up and running and have a play with my new camera. So here it is! Expect make up tutorials, product raves and rants, wedding planning, household/organisational tips and tricks, well-being, cooking and more.

These are a few test shots from this afternoon. Meet my fiance, Samuel and our beagle, George. If any of you have the Canon 70D (or a blog!) and fancy throwing any advice my way, please do!


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