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Brand review: Urban Veda

If you look at the ingredients of your current skincare products, how many of the words can you actually pronounce? I’ve learnt from working in beauty over the years that marketing is clever and brands such as Simple (sorry to name drop), really aren't that... simple. I wanted to simplify my beauty routine with less harsh chemicals to see if it made a difference to the overall appearance of my skin. I came across Urban Veda when researching natural skincare brands and I’ve been lucky enough to trial both the soothing and radiance collections over the past few months.

Urban Veda’s products are uniquely formulated to help maintain the skin's natural balance. Using only natural and pure ingredients, the award winning brand is based on the therapeutic properties of plants. These plants are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and phytonutrients. The range has been formulated using natural ingredients and claims to ‘pollution proof’ skin, leaving it less vulnerable to the environment. Not to mention they are also free of SLS, nasty parabens and GM ingredients. Not impressed yet? Well, Urban Veda is also a vegan and cruelty free brand and all of the packaging is completely recyclable too!

The skincare is split into four ranges aimed at different skin types:
Purifying (neem +botanics) – Aimed at congested/oil prone skin types.
Soothing (sandalwood +botanics) – Targeted towards sensitive skin types.
Radiance (turmeric +botanics) – Great for revitalising dull skin to restore a natural glow.
Reviving (rose +botanics) – Gives a plumping effect to tired and mature skin.

 The first range I tried was the soothing (sandalwood + botanics) range. Suitable for even the most sensitive of skins. To read a breakdown of the impressive ingredients list, click here

The first thing I noticed with about this collection was the smell, ugh. I love sandalwood and the plant scent that comes from these products is so relaxing and uplifting. I treat myself to a pamper night weekly, so I lined up all my new products on the side of the bath. I started off with the facial wash which is a gel type consistency. It left my skin feeling deeply cleansed, but refreshed rather than stripped. However, I have still been opting for a separate oil-based eye make up remover and keeping this for my second cleanse. I then got into the shower and moved onto my body products. You can really feel the scrub taking off all those nasty dead skin cells, but it doesn’t feel harsh like other scrubs I’m used to. I think the key ingredients of aloe vera and ylang ylang are to thank for that. I used the facial polish for my face and neck area, again this isn’t abrasive at all but the tiny grains really buff away at the skin. By the time I was lathering up the body wash, my bathroom smelt like a spa retreat! Patting my skin dry with a warm fluffy towel, I then massaged in the body lotion using circular motions (always in the direction of the heart). I usually stick to a body butter, but for a more light weight option, I found the lotion really nourishing and quick absorbing. Lastly, I swept a generous amount of the hydrating toner to my face on a cotton pad, following up with the night cream. I honestly felt completely pampered and renewed, my skin felt like silk. I think this is the first time I've ever used the same brand and line of products all together and it was so refreshing. By layering the products, the scent really lingered through until the morning.

 The other range I was lucky enough to trial was the radiance (turmeric +botanics) collection. Great for revitalising a dull complexion or a skin lacking in moisture to restore that ‘Victoria’s Secret’ glow. For another powerful list of plant ingredients, click here.

I tried this line a week later later, in exactly the same order. Because I enjoyed the soothing line so much, I was really looking forward to my pamper night to test the radiance line. Once again, from the minute I got into these products, I was overwhelmed by the scent. To be honest, I do love a strong scent, especially when it comes to body products. You get a really good hit of patchouli with this collection, and Urban Veda… If you’re reading this, PLEASE add some kind of body spray/fragrance to this line! If you’re near a Holland and Barrett, you need to pop in and get a wiff of this to really appreciate it. Half way through my pamper routine, I’m back in at my little at home retreat. Texture wise, all the products feel practically identical to the soothing range. My skin felt equally revitalised and radiant. Even though I really enjoyed both lines, I have nearly used up all of my radiance collection and have already re-purchased the body products I’ve run out of. I have also found when I have used the radiance body products in the morning, I haven't felt the need to follow up with a perfume.

The day and night creams are nourishing and rich, yet easily absorbed and have kept my skin glowing. Admittedly, I do prefer my facial skin care to be a little more active and results driven. I also prefer the night cream, over the day. I think this is because the scents give me that feeling of wanting to ‘wind down’. I also find myself avoiding the day cream on make up days as I just find it a little heavy for under foundation.

I love the brands philosophy and I’m really impressed with the quality of the products. I think they are fantastic value for money and I really do now look forward to my pamper routine. If you would like to see more of a breakdown and detailed review of any particular products from the brand, I’d be more than happy to do so. 

The website also includes a short questionnaire to find out which range is most suitable for you. Top marks from me (& George)!



  1. Fab post Katie, although I'm not one to use these kinds of products (perhaps I should) I found the review informative and unbiased, I didn't feel like you were a company rep! I may have to go and have a whiff of the radiance collection, I love the smell of patchouli.

    1. Thank you so much, Natalia! That is lovely of you to say :)

  2. Makes me want to have a pamper day NOW!

    1. Sunday is the perfect day ready for the week ahead!


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