Monday, 2 May 2016

"A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting" - Christian Dior

I don’t feel ready to leave the house until I’ve got my perfume on. Even before bed, I have a quick spritz of one of my Victoria Secret’s body sprays. The great thing about fragrance is that it's unique to everyone and the smell can even link back to a special memory or person.

On this tray (H&M Home) I keep my go-to fragrances. My taste does vary depending on the occasion, but I do seem to gravitate towards the stronger scents. I always spritz the inside of my wrists (don’t rub them together!) and just below my ears. Good quality perfumes don't require bathing in them. If you find that the scent isn't lasting long enough, try popping a little Vaseline on these points before you spray.

My current favourite day time scent has to be either 'See By' Chloe (left) or 'La Vie Est Belle' by Lancome (right). 'See By' Chloe is ‘the little sister’ of the original Chloe. It’s floral, pretty and playful. Think bergamot, sandalwood with a hint of vanilla. Sad news is, I think this has now been discontinued. Luckily I have a back up! While Lancome’s La Vie Est Belle’s (meaning ‘life is beautiful’) has a top note of iris, a heart of patchouli and a base of gourmand. Both gorgeous and girly.

 As for an evening scent, for me it’s all about Dior. Dior 'Addict' (left) is a sophisticated, floral and oriental fragrance. 'Hypnotic Poison' (right) includes notes of bitter almond, caraway, jasmine sambac, moss, jacaranda wood, vanilla, and musk. These are both strong, warm and mature scents. You don’t need much of it to make a statement! Think stiletto heels, red lippy, you'll smell me before you'll see me kinda vibe. 

When testing out a fragrance in a shop, I’d recommend trying it on your skin rather than those little bits of card. Let the scent settle into your skin for a while and come back to it. See how it lasts, how it smells on you. Sometimes the counters even have samples to take home and try out.

I also love these little Zara scents, perfect size for your handbag as a top up and don’t cost much more than a fiver. These are just the two I currently have, but I've tried most of them and they're all pretty good.

I’ve got my eye on the Jo Malone (Amber & Patchouli Cologne) and Marc Jacobs (Decadence) for my next purchases. What are your favourite fragrances? Do you have a signature scent or switch it up?


  1. YSL's Black Opium is one of my faves. It is similar to La Vie Est Belle. Such a gorgeous girly scent and lasts all day. Hypnotic Poison sounds amazing! x

    1. Hi Emily! Yes, I do really like YSL's Black Opium! And I love most of the Dior scents. Hope you are well, X

  2. Love this post - perfume is so important and I love when someone has a signature scent that just reminds you of them. Great tip about Vaseline.

    Jazzria x

    1. Thanks Jazzie! What is your signature scent?! Love your blog! X


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